Pasta Non-Basta – My Day At A Pasta Making Class In Bologna

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Tagliatelle in Bologna

It’s non-stop pasta here in Bologna

‘It’s marvellous this tortellini with ricotta cheese’ exclaims Daniela, whose traditional family pasta shop has been here in Bologna’s Mercato della Erbe for 70 years. It’s where she and sister Monica hand make lasagna, tortellini and tortelloni for the people of  Emilia Romagna, along with their mother Renata.

‘Is this one your favourite?’ I ask. ‘Everything here is our favourite!’ comes the reply.

Your images of Italian mammas and grandmas stirring up secret recipe Bolognese sauce handed down through the generations? It’s a reality here at Le Sfogline, and you can learn how to recreate it in your own kitchen…

The One Where I Get A Kitsch Kawaii Manicure In Korea

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A Kawaii Manicure in Korea

My Kawaii Manicure in Korea

I’m in Seoul for just 36 short hours and with an 11 hour overnight flight direct from London and a 9 hour time difference, I know I’m going to be pretty jet lagged the entire time.

There’s no way I can even begin to skim the surface of Asia’s 24 hour mega-city in such a brief trip so I decide to let myself off the sightseeing hook a little, give my day in Seoul a focus, and feel pampered all in one fail swoop by getting a kawaii manicure, Korean style...

Top 10 Tips For Women Travelling To A Danger Zone

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Sign in Jinja, Uganda

Sign in Jinja, Uganda. Not one of the top tips on offer here.

NGO worker and writer Louise Hogan has interned in Uganda and holidayed in Rwanda in the last 12 months and works in London the rest of the time on mass atrocity prevention and response issues particularly around women in conflict.

Here she shares her top 10 tips for surviving a spell in a war zone, including the importance of Vogue, leggings and old fashioned common sense plus advice on how to know when it’s time for flaming sambucas in a random African country…

Women Of The World: The Pop-Up Photo Gallerists

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Camilla and Hélène founders of pop up fine art photography gallery Flaere

When is an art gallery not quite an art gallery? When it’s a pop-up gallery.  Meet the ladies behind the art world’s only pop-up fine art photography gallery, taking inspiring international images from London to Paris, Singapore to Madrid, because, well ‘being in one place all the time is boring’.